A few words about keeping optimistic

23 July 2014

I know I don't post often nowadays but between working far from home, the lost hours between transportation to and fro and getting some rest I find it difficult to spend a few hours for creative purposes -and weekends are mainly for going to the beach! All that aside, I just wanted to share my inner motto the last months, which is to keep around you people that make you feel better and spend your time doing things that make you happy or relaxed. I've had some family issues the last months and on top of other problems like the financial/unemployment crisis and an uncertain future in this country, I have to keep myself for feeling like being in a deadend and filled with stress by focusing on what's positive in my every day.

I suppose many of you out there have similar issues, especially when it comes to financial problems, 20-somethings in countries in crisis are probably 90% desperate, so I do my best to thing of potential solutions and focusing on a better future plan. So there, I made this image (photo source unknown, sorry for not crediting) because it's happy and posted on my office wall it makes me feel so much more bright and optimistic inside! I'd love to hear what makes you worry/anxious/uncertain, I'm sure there are similarities everywhere in the world!

Creative inspiration / Noel Shiveley

3 July 2014

Artists so talented like Noel Shiveley make me want to be better at things I like but haven't tried out as much as I should. He's a 22 Year old letterer / designer and you should  follow his instagram!

I'm not really good at drawing but I keep telling myself I should put more time on calligraphy since I'm good at it, (blame it on current job and not having time for myself), and I've been thinking of buying a graphic tablet and try a lot to get better at it! Oh, and I'm constantly eyeing the classes in Skillshare, especially that one by the super-talented Molly Jacques!

July's desktop calendar

1 July 2014

This month's calendar is pretty minimal! I don't know why I haven't used 100% white backgrounds before but it looks pretty fine! As usual, click on the above image and you'll get the full size one!

Thistle premade masonry theme

30 June 2014

I couldn't wait to share this theme with you all! It's based on a free masonry theme - can't take the credit for that part of the code - but I changed everything else to make it modern, minimal and stylish pinterest/magazine like!

I decided to make this into a premade theme when I realized the shortage of beautiful grid themes for Blogger, there were some good ones for purchase and most of the free ones were a little ugly or at least boring. The idea came from a client of mine that wanted a grid theme and I think the masonry effect takes it to another level!

I'm including a how-to in the package with "installation guide" - it's actually 3 steps, and a few changes that you can do: a header image instead of text title, how to replace the background and a few info on how it works. If you need a customized version or need to change something I haven't included in the file email me for more info!

The theme is responsive and works perfectly on tablets and any size of screen, just resize your browser window and watch the columns change! The theme costs 40€ and payment is done through Paypal!

Small changes are either written in the how-to or can be done by me for free.
If you'd like me to customize this theme fully contact me for more info!

Polyvore Favorites 09 / Summer

19 June 2014

Untitled #11
Untitled #93
Untitled #7
Untitled #9
Untitled #60
Untitled #50
There she goes
Another Love
black & blue
/ /
Sin título #100

Can you tell I want to go shopping?!